Dehydrating Garden Herbs Now, Gift Later

One of my now favorite things to do is to give our close neighbors and friends gifts for Christmas. This used to be super awkward and uncomfortable for me; a self proclaimed introvert who didn't realize her own value. I've learned since that labels are meant for cooking ingredients, not people. #getoveryourself

Summer brings many things to this master gardener, but growing herbs is one of my favorites. I can enjoy them now, later and give them as gifts. I spend the cool summer days (not the hot ones) drying herbs in the dehydrator, this is an excellent way to preserve them, and the bonus is it makes my house smell like a Stonewall Kitchen showroom.

Today I picked Mammoth Basil and Cilantro straight from the garden!

Once the herbs dry, I simply place them in a labeled Ball Mason Jar. I'll add more to them as the season progresses. Before the holidays, I find cute glass jars at stores like Christmas Tree Shops, make some fun pinterest-y labels and they are ready to give away! Super easy, planned ahead, thoughtful and homemade!

Do you like to make "homemade" gifts ? Share with me what you like to create!


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